The goal of the DBA Virtual Chapter is to provide a PASS community for the DBA. It provides a forum for open discussion and education on issues that face SQL Server database administrators.
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Wed, Jul 23 2014 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

How to Identify Database Performance Issues– sponsored by Dell Software


How to Identify Database Performance Issues– sponsored by Dell Software

In this session, I will be talking about performance turning, index design, statistics, query optimizer, parameter sniffing, data types, analyzing and understanding execution plans, wait stats, activity monitor, DMV(s). After this session you should be able to quickly identify the top performance issues of your databases.

Jean Joseph has 5 years’ experience working as a SQL Server DBA and 4 years working as a developer and gained so much experience in performance turning, database and index design, manage storage, fixing production issues, creating complex SSIS packages, disaster recovery, and scripting.

The DBA Virtual Chapter presentations are recorded. On the Meeting Archive page, you will find  .WMV files that can be viewed on-line.

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