The goal of the DBA Virtual Chapter is to provide a PASS community for the DBA. It provides a forum for open discussion and education on issues that face SQL Server database administrators.
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Wed, Sep 24 2014 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

SQL Server Statistics – sponsored by Dell Software


SQL Server Statistics – sponsored by Dell Software

This intermediate-to-advanced level session will introduce you to SQL Server statistics: how to create, manage, troubleshoot, and more! Statistics are a key part of getting solid and repeatable performance, and is equally as important as having indexes. SQL Server statistics provide cardinality estimations and selectivity of data. We’ll also learn how SQL Server automatically creates statistics for the Query Optimizer, making the right plan choices based on estimated costs.

Sreeni currently works an Enterprise DBA at Louisville-based Humana, Inc., where he supports 16,000 databases on 1,500 SQL Servers. He earned his MCITP certification in SQL Server in 2011. He has been working with Microsoft SQL Server for over 10 years and with performance and tuning for over 3. He specializes in troubleshooting performance issues and fine tuning. He actively participates in and present ssessions on SQL Server statistics, SQL Server Plan Cache Internals for the Louisville SQL Server User Group, in his company, and at SQL Saturdays. He actively seeks to expand his horizons on these issues and to present to a variety of interested groups.

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